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The Clinical Guide to Biopuncture

This highly illustrated text book is the most recent and most in-depth clinical text on the system of Biopuncture. All aspects of Biopuncture in clinical practice are addressed in detail, and it is authored by the father of Biopuncture, the Belgian physician Dr. Jan Kersschot.

It includes 264 pages printed on high quality paper, with color illustrations of injection sites and techniques, and numerous other tables and diagrams.
This text is essential for clinicians who want a more in-depth understanding and study of Biopuncture.

Kersschot J. The Clinical Guide to Biopuncture: The Use of Biotherapeutic Injections in Everyday Practice. Aartselaar, Belgium: Inspiration; 2010.


Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine

This is the first in-depth scientific book on Bioregulatory Medicine and is published by the medical publishing house Thieme publishers.

5 worldwide experts in Bioregulatory Medicine provide the reader with the basics of Bioregulatory Medicine. Autoregulating systems, bioregulation, disease and health from a regulation perspective are a few topics dealt with in this well written and comprehensive book.

Hard cover, 166 pages, 80 full color illustrations, well scientifically referenced. Copies are available at your local bookstore (ISBN 978-3-13-147611-1).

Smit A, O'Byrne A, Van Brandt B, Bianchi I, Kuestermann K. Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine. Thieme, Stuttgart, 2009.